Experts in Swimming Pool Design & Build

We have been in the swimming pool industry for over thirty years building our first pool in 1985.

During this period we have built many swimming pools including a number in well-known institutions within the UK. We have built pools in every Northern European country, including Iceland as well as France, Spain and W. Africa. From 2002 we have concentrated our efforts in the Southern half of the UK specialising in high quality residential indoor and outdoor swimming pools which we endeavour to ensure are not run of the mill.

To most clients, the only thing that matters as far as the swimming pool plant is concerned is that it works and provides clean water. We think that is only part of the story, the pool plant is the engine room for the pool and all pool plant should not only be correctly specified and use good quality equipment but should also be installed well, making best use of the space but ensuring that everything is easy to access and use, at all times.

We have had projects featured on Sky, in Grand Designs magazine, Build It magazine, and currently being filmed for a Grand Designs project for a forthcoming series. We are also very proud of our long association as a supplier to the Tresco Estate on the wonderful island of Tresco and the neighbouring island of Bryher in the Scilly’s.