Indoor Swimming Pools

After 30 years in the business we know the best place to start is round your kitchen table with a coffee, to hear your wishes and ideas. There are a lot of factors to take account of when considering an indoor pool, but through listening and years of expertise we ensure you get the pool you dream of, as individual as you are.

Whether in your house, a basement or a separate building, Millaquia help you to make the most of the space you have. We advise you on positioning of the pool and plant, the construction that best suits your location and budget and introduce you to imaginative finishes that result in a stunning facility. We build you a pool that your family and friends will use with confidence for years to come, 365 days a year.

All of our indoor pools are equipped with top quality environmental control equipment ensuring that the pool hall is a continuation of your home allowing you to furnish it as you wish. Luxury, stunning, bespoke. Every pool we create is as unique as the client we build it for. It is the attention to detail at all stages that sets us apart from other pool contractors.

If you are looking for professional and friendly help to take you through every stage of the process from conception to completion then Millaquia can assist you.